Why Do Fleas, Ticks, And Bed Bugs Require More Than One Treatment To Control?

Tiny biting insects like fleas, ticks and bedbugs have their place and purpose…which should not include your home. Unfortunately, since we all share a space, some overlap is to be expected. When unwelcome creepy crawlers infiltrate the sanctity of your four walls, they can be difficult to eliminate. Here’s a look at why it often takes more than one treatment to get them under control.

How They Get Inside

For fleas and ticks, the trip indoors usually happens via your pet, since these parasites find sustenance in your cat and/or dog. If you don’t have pets, the issue could be windows, doors or other compromised barriers.

Bed bugs, on the other hand, are small and difficult to detect, hitching a ride on luggage, clothing, purses, backpacks, or other soft upholstered surfaces. With these tiny nuisances, having immaculate pets and a treated lawn won’t solve the problem. These suckers travel anywhere.

DIY Solutions

Ridding your home of tiny insects is no small feat and often involves pesticides and patience. Several commercial products can treat carpets, clothing and the yard, and both areas need to be treated to completely deal with the issue. It does no good to apply flea/tick treatment to your pets and fumigate the house unless you eliminate the others waiting outside.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are more difficult to contain yourself, and the process could take weeks or months depending on the extent of the infestation. You can choose a chemical option, but heat (using the clothes dryer) works just as well. You’ll need to go through each room and treat carpet, bedding, clothing, and any upholstered surface, ensuring there’s enough heat to kill both the bed bugs and their eggs.

Calling in the Experts

When you call an exterminator to handle your unwanted houseguests, they will treat all affected indoor and outdoor areas. Like doing it yourself, fleas and ticks are more easily controlled, but might require more than one treatment, nonetheless. The need for a second treatment comes from the difference between live bugs and their eggs. While some products claim to kill both, few actually do. So, while the first round of treatment deals with mature insects, the second is necessary to make sure the eggs don’t hatch and re-infest.

While having two treatments can feel like a burden, it might be necessary to make sure your Buford, GA, home stays pest-free indefinitely.

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