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Why Do I Always Get Bug Bites on My Legs?

The summer season should be a time of fun and sun, not a time of itching and discomfort. Yet this time of year often comes with an increase in bug bites, and many people wonder just why they are so attractive to area insects.

If you wake up with bug bites on your legs or find yourself itching your way through the summer months, you are not alone. Many area residents suffer the same problems, but there are things you can do to improve the situation.

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Even the cleanest homes can have bed bugs, and these tiny invaders often go undetected. From four and five-star resorts and high-end hotels to private homes and restaurants, these tiny bugs are turning up everywhere.

If you wake up with unexplained red marks on your legs, your home could be harboring bed bugs. Bed bugs are tiny, but they can pack a big bite. It is important to get professional help for your bed bug problem, since eradication requires some very specific steps.

Is Your Home Mosquito Friendly?

Mosquitoes are everywhere this time of year, but some people are more troubled by them than others. Some people are mosquito magnets, while others are almost never bitten. Sometimes these bloodsuckers are attracted to certain perfumes, but other times it is the scent of the individual that is attractive.

If you are one of those mosquito magnets, you can start by mosquito-proofing your yard. These tiny bloodsucking insects need water to lay their eggs, so removing standing water from your yard is a good place to start. You can also call Contractor’s Best to make your home and yard less mosquito friendly, so you can make it through the summer season bite free.

Do a Tick Check

Ticks are everywhere, from high grass to wooded areas. That is why it is important to check yourself for ticks every time you come in from outside. These tiny bloodsuckers carry some pretty scary diseases, and you can never be too careful.

You can protect yourself from ticks and tick-borne diseases by making sure your pets are wearing flea collars or otherwise protected. Ask your vet about flea and tick protection, and talk to Contractor’s Best about getting rid of other unwanted summer visitors.

Bug bites are common this time of year, but you do not have to suffer. There are things you can do to eradicate these pests, from mosquito-proofing your yard to sending those bloodsucking bed bugs packing.


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