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Eradicating bedbugs is more complicated than most homeowners realize. The pesky bloodsuckers leave clusters of itchy red welts on your skin, and while you can take the DIY approach to get them out your home, it’s best to hire a licensed pest control company to send them packing.

Bed bugs can exist in the tiniest apartments, but they could just as easily exist in the beds at five-star hotels. They can spread easily through housing units and lodge themselves in hard to find places. Many advertised homeowner-friendly pesticides have little effect on bed bugs and can send them scurrying into tiny cracks and crevices, and easily spread infestations. Consider the following ways to deal with a bed bug invasion in your home or apartment.

Get Help

Bedbugs do not fly, but their fast movements over floors and walls mean they can quickly escape your DIY treatments and hide out in cracks and crevices. A single female can lay hundreds of eggs so delaying an effective treatment could lead to a serious home infestation. Public health officials issued several warnings to homeowners about using outdoor pesticides and other serious chemicals to eradicate bed bugs. Pest control firms have the expertise to fish out these wily creatures and eradicate them from your home.

Schedule Home Repairs

Bedbugs thrive in cracks and crevices, so much-needed repair work around the house could minimize their hiding places. Again, you might want to call in a professional contractor to get this job done. They can repair cracks in your walls and ceiling – even those tiny cracks that are not immediately visible to the untrained eye. Bedbugs can also crawl behind tears in the wallpaper, so use glue to tack the paper down or replace it altogether.

Clean Up

While a bedbug infestation is not a reflection of your housekeeping habits, dust, grime, and clutter make it easy for the pests to thrive and escape treatment. Any good pest control company would advise homeowners to reduce clutter, especially under the bed, and clean up dust as essential steps before treatment. You should also sterilize your bedding and clothing to eliminate the bugs and eggs from these items. Place the bedding in the dryer and use the hottest setting or simply stuff them into plastic bags and place them out in direct sunlight for a few hours. Finally, vacuum the bed and furniture making sure to pay special attention to the edges.

Use Encasements

You don’t have to throw your mattress out. Encase your mattress in a protective covering to kill any existing bugs and prevent others from getting in. Specially designed encasements protect your family from worrisome bites when you get into bed. Eco-friendly options keep bedbugs out, but the woven textures are not small enough to keep out other crawlies.

Act Fast

Timing is everything in the fight against bedbugs. The apple seed-sized insects reproduce at an alarming rate, so prompt treatment is essential for preventing a major infestation. Contact a licensed pest control company to have them use effective and safe ways to exterminate bedbugs from your home.

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